About The Cooker

When I was a little girl, I used to watch my Grandma Nell in the kitchen. It was my favorite thing to do besides play Blackjack and Farkel with her. I used to watch her flow through the kitchen as though she was floating on air with her feet never touching the ground. I loved poking the tops of the perfectly burnt meringue on her coconut cream pies. I loved watching her mix flour with pork grease to make an effortless gravy, which was immediately poured over black pepper-spiced mashed potatoes. I used to watch her and say, "Grandma, someday, I'm going to grow up to be a cooker!"

25 years later, I am a college graduate, a supportive wife, an Air Force spouse, and the mother to an amazing little boy. A 'cooker' I am not. My aspirations of going to culinary school never came to fruition, and I swear, sometimes I could burn water if I really tried. What I can do, however, is manage to put a half-way decent meal on the dinner table a few times a week without too much trouble.

I am married to an Air Force pilot. His hours are long, and his job is stressful. His taste buds are also non-existent, and this picky eater is the man I call my husband. My baby boy keeps me on my toes- I rarely have time to spend hours in the kitchen.

So, this blog is for the women like me. The ones who don't do specialty exotic foods for fear their husbands will open a can of Campbells soup instead of bravely going where their forks have never gone before. The ones who don't have fancy ingredients in their pantry, and don't care to spend the money on them. The ones who are thrifty, use what they have, and are ok with making due with what they are given. This blog is for real women who have a life outside of the kitchen, but still love the feeling of putting a perfect plate on an unproperly set table.

Sidenote: I do tend to get a lot of my inspiration from my friends. Some have been cooking for years, some are just learning, like myself. From time to time I will have 'guest bloggers' to share their favorite meals! Prepare yourselves for a wide variety of food, drink, and desserts that are soon to come your way!