Irks My Taters

"Irks My Taters'' is a saying I use when I find myself irritated about something. One might ask what could possibly annoy me to the brink of insanity while writing a food blog- the end products are delicious, and its a fun and easy thing to occupy my time. My number one irritation is backseat drivers, or in my case, backseat cookers. The ones who act as critics, who hang around you and nit-pick at what you're doing. They have a suggestion for everything, a correction for everything, and what they believe to be 'amusing anecdotes'. Fail.

This is where I plan to put those "really?" moments down. Maybe I should be learning from them, but let's be real- if I'm writing a food blog, I'm obviously the expert, not you, so hush. Laugh along with me, as I tell you all about these instances that drove me nuts (ha, nuts, food, score), and irked my taters (again with the food- man I'm a genious!)

6/22/11: The Scrambled Egg Incident
My husband used to work at iHop as a line cook. He can make any egg perfectly, or at least he claims to. He asked me what type of eggs I was making that morning, to which I reply 'scrambled'. What type of scrambled, he asks. Really? Is there a type? Apparently there is, two types even: scrambled, and diner scrambled. Everyone go call your mothers and tell them you learned something new at school today! Scrambled eggs, he informed me, as when you mix the egg yolks in a bowl before pouring them into the pan to cook them. Diner scrambled eggs are when you break the eggs into the pan, and then mix them up. Regular scrambled are yellow, diner scrambled have the bits of white in them. HOORAY! We can all die with the full useless knowledge of the differences in scrambled eggs. Thank you Christoper 'Eggspert' Protos!