Mushroom & Bacon Stuffed Chicken

What's better than stuffing a chicken full of anything your heart desires and baking it? The answer is: eating it!

On a no/low carb diet, chicken rollups are the key to success! Easy to make, quick to bake, and a dieters dream! We make these in our house quite often with various ingredients rolled inside: gouda and spinach, blue cheese and bacon, and... this one...

Mushroom and Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breasts. This was by far my favorite of all of the stuffed chickens we've made. I scoped out about 10 recipes and took what I loved from all of them (plus what was available in our fridge without running to the store) and came up with a pretty tasty dish!


* 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
* 1 packaged sliced mushrooms
* 3 pieces super thick cut bacon
* 1 small tomato (or 7 grape tomatoes from my tomato plant!)
* Parsley
* Oregano
* Basil
* salt and pepper
* 1 egg
* 1 1/2 cups panko
* 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
* Gouda, swiss, mozzerella, blue cheese- whatever you want to use
* Worchestire sauce
* 2 tablespoons butter
* olive oil

To Make:

* Preheat oven to 375.
* Sautee 1/2 pack of the mushrooms in butter. season with salt and pepper
* cook bacon in skillet until crispy. once cooked, transfer to paper towel to drain grease
* Chop cooked mushrooms and cripsy bacon- place together in a bowl
* Dice tomato and add to mushrooms and bacon
* Add 1 teaspoon each of parsley, oregano, and basil to mixture
* Add 1 dash of worchestire sauce to mixture

* Flatten chicken breasts with meat mallet until 1/4th in. thick
* Add mushroom mixture and cheese to one side of chicken, roll, secure with toothpick

* In small bowl, beat egg
* In medium bowl, mix panko and parmesan cheese together
* Dip each stuffed chicken breast into egg wash, then cover generously in panko mixture
* Head olive oil in skillet- brown each chicken breast in oil so panko crisps and browns

* Place chicken breasts on tinfoil covered baking sheet. Bake in oven for around 25 minutes- or more depending on how thick your chicken is. Mine took about 30 minutes.


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